Friday, September 10, 2021

 Hi Everyone!!

We had a great first 4 days of Kindergarten!!  Our class did a great job in church today!!  

Thank you to our PTO for organizing an amazing Pep Rally for the students!!  It was a fun afternoon.

Thank you, again for all the supplies!!

Here are some reminders: 

** Monday, Sept. 13th: The children will have Art Class.

**Thursday, Sept. 16th: Back to School Night

**Thursday, Sept. 16th: Individual Photo Day

Have a wonderful weekend!!

See you on Monday!!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Monday, April 6, 2020.

Good morning!!   A Blessed Holy Week!✞

Day 35 of Lent✟

Let's start the day in prayer: Hail Mary, Our Father  and The Pledge of Allegiance.:)

Please write in your journals: Today is Monday, April 6, 2020.  The weather is ___________.(you can decide on that) "God so loved the world." John 3:16

** You have Art Class today. I know how much you love this class:)
  • Show-N-Tell: Share an Easter Show-n-Tell
  • High-Frequency Words: was & too
Reading/Phonics:pg. 339
Learn and Blend.  Please read the paragraph to review sounds.
Blend It!
Row#1: review short vowels sounds
Row#2: Circle the word: pack
Row#3: Circle the word:sad -underline the word mom
Row#4.:Circle the word: ran -underline the words: sock and fox
Row #5:Circle the word vans-underline the word: boxes
Sentence 6. Read the sentence.
Sentence 7. Read the sentence, circle has -underline the word dog. 

1. Phonemic Awarenesses : Oral Blending:
Parents please have your child  blend or put together sounds to make words.
/h/ /i/ /m/
/m/ /o/ /p/
/c/ /u/ /t/
/l/ /i/ /d/
/f/ /a/ /n/
/l/ i/ /d/
/s/ /t/ /e/ /p/

Read-Spell- Write: Page 340:
  •  Sentences: 1 & 2 Please write words 2x's
  • Use in Context: Please fill in sentences with the correct word.
Please write the following sentences: (homework book, journal, piece of paper)
  • That game was fun. Circle: was
  • Are you going, too? Circle: too 
Please read and write the following words: (homework book, journal, piece of paper)

How about a little yoga stretch? "Namaste, boys and girls!
Math: pg. 319-320: Subtracting Money
As children practice subtracting money, they learn that adding a cent sign does not change the action in a problem. Completing subtraction problems with money also sets up children to learn  that paying for things involves subtracting (taking way) money from some total amount.  They will eventually relate the idea of subtraction to the action of spending money.
**Have children place pennies over those pictured on page 320 and then take some away and cross out the pictures to represent the number of pennies being subtracted.
Social Studies/Science:
Living and working together with other helps you to form a community.  All of the books that we will read are about community -the people and places that make up a community, and the different roles thapeople in the community play.  (last week we read: Fireman Small.)

 Here is the book: Lola at the Library, Author: Anna McQuinn
Discuss the Text:

Within the Text:

  • The librarian is a community helper who works at the library. What do the librarians in this story do to help people? Revist the illustrations. What other things might a librarian do that you do not see in this story? 
  • What does Lola do to get ready to go to the library? 
  • What do Lola and her mom do on Tuesdays after library? 
Beyond the Text:
  • Lola loves story time at the library. When you listen to or read a book, sometimes you like one part of the story best. Can you please share your favorite part of this story is and why? 
  • Tuesdays are a special day for Lola. why do you think this day is so special to Lola? 
  • How does the trip to the library make it nice for Lola every night? 
  • How is Lola's library like or different form libraries here at school or in our community? 
About the Text: 
  • On pages 1-2. At what time of the day does the story begin? 
  • How do you know? 
  • page 21-22. At what time of the day does the story end? How do you know? 
  • Do you think telling a story from getting up in the morning to going to sleep at night is a good idea? 
***Please write a sentence and illustrate a picture about one of the jobs a librarians has in the library. Here are some examples: 
  •  helps us find books we like
  • helps us borrow books
  • helps us return books
  • read to us
  Science:  Here is a book to read/listen to about chickens.  Title: Chickens, Author: Kate Riggs
This book is about chickens and what they eat and where they live. 
Where do chickens live?
What do chickens like to eat?
Where do hens lay eggs?
***Answer in homework book, journal, piece of paper

**** Send a picture of your answers.:)

Religion: The Three Days pg 183, 184, 185, 186

Let's Pray: 3 Hail Marys for our world and for each other.

Pg 183: We wrote this quote in our journal: "God so loved the world."
Pray: Invite the children to think about people all over the whole world: Say: God loves all these people! 
Jesus did many wonderful things for people. What things do you remember?
Jesus was kind to the poor; he cured people who were sick; he loved children.

Jesus showed his love for people in all these ways.  Finally, he showed his love by dying and then rising from the dead. We will celebrate his love with the whole Church all over the world during the Three Days. 

What do we celebrate on the Three Days? We celebrate how much Jesus loves us that he gave his whole life for us.

What are some ways we show we love someone? We take care of  someone, help people, give hugs share etc...
We learn that Jesus gave his whole life for us because he loves us.

Please have your child write their name on the banner. Encourage them to display this page, during the Three Days. pg. 185

pg. 186: Please draw a picture to show how you love Jesus. 

Ok, boys and girls, I hope you had a good day!

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œMiss you allπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

United in Prayer!πŸ™✞

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Friday, April 3, 2020

Good morning!! A Blessed  Palm Sunday!! 

Another great day of learning in Kindergarten:)

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œMiss seeing you all!!πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Day 33 of Lent

Let's start the day in prayer: Hail May, Our Father , The Pledge of Allegiance:)

  • Today you have World Language. :) I know how much you love this class.:) Please see Mrs. Viganola's blog.
** An email was sent about 10:00 Mass through Zoom. **

Please write in your journal: Today is Friday, April 3, 2020.  The weather is _____. (you can decide on that) Sunday is Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week.

pg. 335 -336

Read and Write:pg. 335
Please write and circle the correct letter for each picture.
Build Fluency: pg. 336
Sentences 1&2: Please fill in the correct word for each sentences.

#3. Please write the following sentence: Do not yell at us!
#4. Please write the following sentence: I can zip it up.

In your journal, homework book , piece of paper: Please write the following sentences:
  • I will look for you. Circle: for
  • Sam finds his sock.: Circle: finds
  • Can you buzz like that? Circle: you
  • I can zip this. Circle: can
  • Make a zig-zag on the pad. Circle: the
Math: pg.353-354
Background: Learning  to associate different activities with morning , afternoon, and evening hours helps children gain a greater awareness of their environment. 
pg. 353: Please look at the top of page. Listen to this short story: 
 Left:Before Josh goes to bed. Josh brushes his teeth.Is this during the day or night?
Right: The alarm clock wakes Jody up in time to get dressed for school. Is this in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening?
Pg. 353
duck: Joan eats all of her vegetables at suppertime. Is this during the day or at night?
heart: Mike plays in an after -school baseball game. Is this during the day or at night?
shamrock: Jack and Vera play ball after school. Is this in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
butterfly: Kate waits for the bus to take her to school. Is this in the morning, afternoon, or evening? 

Pg. 354: duck: Jack and Lois play checkers before going to bed. Is this the morning, afternoon, or evening?
heart: Lee goes home after school. Is this in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
shamrock: Rhonda gets ready to take a bath before going to sleep. Is this in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
butterfly: Betsy waters her flower garden before sunset. Is this in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
star: Rudy is reading a book in his reading class. Is during the day or a night?
purple flower: Hank looks at the stars. Is this during the day or at night?

Religion: We will pray the Stations of the Cross. This will be the last time we pray/watch this video.

Here is the Gospel Reading for Sunday;)

I hope you all had a good day!!

Have a nice weekend!

Happy Palm Sunday!

Miss you all!

United in Prayer:πŸ™

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another great day of learning in Kindergarten :)

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œMiss seeing you all!!πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Day 32 of Lent

Let's start the day in prayer: Hail Mary, Our Father, The Pledge Allegiance:)

Today you have Music class. I know how much you love this class.:) Please see Ms. Z's blog.:)

Please write in your journal: Today is Thursday, April 2, 2020.  The weather is _________________.
(you can decide to what to write) You have ten of these and they rhyme with rose______________.
I am your ______________.

pg. 333-334 Trace ,
 Write and Build
Pg. 333.  Please trace and write words.
pg.334: The pictures for your child to cut and glue should be in the back of the Phonics to Reading  book. Lesson #26
After, gluing pictures write the sounds of the pictures on the lines provided.

Let's write some word families.
This word family has a Long a sound and a silent e  
(-ake family)
Now I will give you the beginning sound, can you write the rest of the word?

How about some short a words?-(ap family)
Now I will give you the beginning sound, can you write the rest of the word?
I bet you did great with this lesson!!

How about a yoga stretch? Namaste, girls and boysπŸ™†. 
****************************************************************************** Math:
page: 207-208
The boy at the top of page 207 made a pictograph. Please read the thought bubble. For each ride, please have your child count the tally marks in the chart and the smiley faces in the pictograph to show that the numbers are the same. Please point out that is is usually easier to compare amounts on a pictograph than on a tally chart.
Here is a video about pictographs:

Rides at the Fair 
Please count the tally marks for the first roller-coaster car. Yes! (7) Please now point to the pictograph (helicopter) How many smiley faces do you see? 7! Yes!!

Please read the directions for the duck. pg. 207
pg. 208. Please read directions for the duck, heart and shamrock.

Can you do another math paper? I know you can!! Pages 253-254 Here is a video about tally marks:  The bunnies are cute!!
Write a Number Sentence.  I know how much you all like tally marks. :)
pg. 253 Please look at the sample: Sally writes tally marks to keep track of how many of each kite she sees in the park.
Let's count the tally marks. "How many blue kites does Sally see?" 4! Yes!! "How many star kites does Sally see?" 2? Yes!! "What numbers will you add? (4+2)
Please read the directions for: the duck, the heart and the shamrock.

Pg. 254. Please read the directions.


Science/Social Studies: Animals that hatch from eggs:

This book is titled: Chickens Aren't the Only Ones, Author: Ruth Heller

Please illustrate an animal that hatches from an egg.
Please write the following question.  What hatches from an egg? 

  • The following sentences are examples: There are more animals  to choose from in the book.)
  • A penguin hatches from an egg.
  • A bird hatches from an egg,
  • A ladybug hatches from an egg.

Religion pages 193-194
Please read the Bible verse: 1 John 3:1
We learn about God from the Bible. We are children of God

1 John 3:1
See what love the Father has given us that we should be called children of God; and that is what we are.

Please look at the picture on pg. 193. Why are the people together?
Are they going somewhere in a car?
Are people gathered in a church to pray?
Are children playing together at recess?
The Church is the family of God!!

What does God want us to be part of? God wants us to be part of his family.
What is the name of God's special family? God's special family is the Church.

Please draw your family as part of God's family.

Ok! Boys and girls!

I hope you had a good day!!

United in prayer!!πŸ™

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Good morning!

Another great day of learning in Kindergarten:)

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œMiss seeing you all! πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ

Day of 31 of Lent

Let's start the day in prayer: Hail Mary, Our Father, The Pledge of Allegiance . :)

**Today you have library/computer class. I know how much you love this class. :)

Please write in your journal: Today is Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The weather is (you can fill out this part)_________________.   I say "quack" and I rhyme with truck. What am I?_____________________.

Can you find the "booklet" in your Phonics to Reading book?  The tile is : Zig, Zag, Buzz! What a nice book to read on the first day of April.:).

Preview and Predict:
Parents, please read the title and your child can repeat you. Can you please ask your child what they think this book is about and why?
First Read (Read Together)
Please have your child point to each word as you read together. If your child has difficulty with a word, it's ok....
Check Comprehension: Please discuss with your family.:)
  • What is the bee looking for at the beginning of the story? What is it looking for at the end of the story? Circle the words that tell you.
  • Which words describe how a bee flies? Which word describes how a bee sounds?  Circle word.
  • Does the bee like the flower it finds? How do you know?
  • Circle our high-frequency words: for & finds
***Write the letter Z.  The Letter Z. This paper was put into your child's folder.  There are boxes with  different letters. The children should color the boxes with Z in each box. 
Here are some sentence starters.  Can you finish them? Write and fill out sentence

  • I look at_______________.  
  • Can you see a ____________?
  • Here is my __________________.
  • This is a ___________________.
  • I go into the__________________.
*** Please feel free to write just 3 sentences if 5 too many to write. :) It is ok just to write 3. 
How about a nice yoga stretch?πŸ™†: Namaste, Girls and Boys!! 

Math:  Page 113-114 (this paper was put into the brown envelope)
Calendar: pg. 113: Write the missing numbers to complete the calendar. Circle the name of the month. Color red the days.
Pg. 114: A few directions:) Here is a cute video to watch.

How about an INDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT?  Parents, I hope this is ok?  Something a little different. :). Something fun to do on April 1st!!!

  • Find a fork. (please be careful holding this!)
  • Find something that is red
  • Find a tissue box
  • Find 3 things that have wheels
  • Find an orange crayon
  • Find something that is very soft
  • Find a band-aid
  • Find a key
  • Find 2 socks that match
  • Find something round
  • Find a sticker
  • Find a rubber band
  • Find a pair of glasses
  • Find an envelope 

Try your best! Whatever you can find will be great!!  Send a picture if you would like. 😊

Social Studies/Science:
Fireman Small
Author/ Illustrator: Wong Herbert Yee.

Discuss The Text:

Within the Text:
  • Talk about what Fireman Small does to show he is a good community helper. 
  • How do the friends thank Fireman Small for his help?
  • Why is it so hard for Fireman Small to sleep?
Beyond the Text: 
  • In this story, Fireman Small is the only firefighter at the firehouse. He works all by himself. In real life, there are always many firefighters who work together. Why is so  important for community helpers like firefighters to work together?
  • Do you think being a firefighter is a hard job? Why or why not? 
  •  Why is it important to appreciate the people who work for our community? 
About the Text:
  • This story begins in the morning and ends at night. 
  • How do the pictures tell you that this story begins in the morning? 
  • How do the pictures show that this story ends at night? 

Religion: Let's Pray 3 Hail Marys for our world and for each other.

Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer:
Parents, if you can print this for you child to color. Thank you!:)

  1. The thumb is the closest finger to you. So start praying for those who are closest to you. They are the persons easiest to remember. To pray for our dear ones is a “sweet obligation.”
  2. The next finger is the index finger. Pray for those who teach you, instruct you, and heal you. They need God’s help as they offer direction for others.
  3. The following finger is the tallest. It reminds us of our government leaders and others who have authority. They need God’s guidance.
  4. The fourth finger is the ring finger, which is also our weakest finger. It should remind us to pray for the weakest among us—the sick, the poor, those excluded from society, and those plagued by other problems.
  5. And finally we have our smallest finger, the smallest of all. Your pinkie should remind you to pray for yourself. When you are done praying for the other four groups, you will be able to pray for your own needs in a better way.

Ok, boys and girls! I hope you had a good day!!
Miss you all!!
United in Prayer! πŸ™

Monday, March 30, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Another great day of learning in Kindergarten:)

Miss seeing you all! πŸ‘€

Day 30 of Lent

Let us start the day in prayer: Hail Mary, Our Father and the Pledge of The Allegiance:)

*** You have Gym class today.  Please check Mrs. McFadden's blog.  I know how much you love this class. :)

Please write in your journal. Today is Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Today is lamb or lion day. (you can decide on that) Today is the last of March and we will have gym class.

Trace and Write: pg. 331-322. Here is a video to watch to about writing the letter Zz.

Pg. 331: Practice writing the letter Zz. Write the letter Z under the pictures that begin with Z
pg 332. #1. picture is a seed. Write beginning sound of seed.
#2. Picture is a zipper.Write beginning sound

#3. picture is jam.  write the word jam.
#4.  write the word 6.

Listen and spell.
1. write : zap
2. Write the sentence: I zip up my bag.

Word Study: Blends
Here are some words for you to write. (homework book, journal piece of paper) Here is a video to watch about different blends.
  1. flip
  2. lip
  3. spill
  4. pill
  5. sled
  6. led
  7. stop
  8. top
**When two consonants are together in a word, we can often blend the two sounds together to read the word. **. When we remove the first sound it makes a new word. 

How about a little Yoga Stretch? Namaste, girls and boys.:)

Math: pg. 103-104 
Pg. 103: Match heads and tails to the correct coins.
Pg 104: Count on From Dimes and Quarters This video is counting pennies and dimes  This video is counting pennies and nickels
** I did not see a video with quarters and pennies.;( But that's ok.  We know that when we see a quarter , we know the value is 25 cents and then we count on after 25 by one's (when we see pennies.)
** Parents, do you happen to have some coins to "count on" with?  If you do not it's fine, I understand.  We can  also review the concept of "fair trade".

5 pennies = 1 nickel
10 pennies 1 dime
25 pennies =1 quarter.
** This could be a good review to show a "Fair Trade".
When we count on with coins, we need to start with the coin that has the highest value. (especially when we count with pennies)
Also, I also remind the children that larger coin does not always represent the greater amount. This is the case with dimes and nickels. Dime are worth more that the larger nickel.

Science/Social Studies: Transportation: How do you get from one place to another.
   Here are a few examples:  (Can you think of some more? You can write them in your journal , homework book, piece of paper.)
On Land:
roller skates
On Water: 
In the Air
air plane
hot air balloon

 Here is a book titled: If I Built a Car,  by Chris Van Dusen.  Here is a video for the read aloud.

After you read/listen to this book, please write this sentence and fill in the blank.
"If I built a ______________________________." (any type of transportation )
Can you please illustrate a picture to go along with the sentence?

Means of Transport Riddles: (you can write the answers in homework book, journal, piece of paper)

I have a bell and a loud whistle, too.
I can carry lots of people and things.
I may be long.  I may be short.
My wheels roll only on rails.
I am a _________.

I am very fast.
I carry passengers from city to city.
I can fly for hours.
I land at airports.
I am a _______________.

I have two wheels.
I have no motor.
Sometimes I have a bell or a horn.
You can ride on me.
I am a _________.

I carry lots of people.
I pick them up and drop them off.
I might travel from city to city.
I might only go from block to block.
I am a______________________.

Religion: Let's pray 3 Hail Marys for Our world and for each other:)
Please color the paper that says Thanks be to God.
Can you please write 3 things that you are Thankful for. (if you can think of more ...great!!)
You can write this on the back of this piece of paper, if you would like. :)

Ok! I hope you had a great day!!
Miss you all.
United in Prayer!πŸ™